July 29, 2015

The VR Era is Here

by Vito Ferrero Architect/vr-immersive.com

re in a digital age revolution. We see it in every field and more and more the boundaries between disciplines are merging into a vital organism through internet. In a sense we already have been working in a virtual reality since computers came to our homes and offices. We tap into virtual objects that appear to be buttons, we see thorugh virtual windows and watch virtual faces telling stories through YouTube.  Could it get more virtual?

The “touch technology” deepens our illusion that those moving and dancing 2D objects are there but people don´t usually talk about how virtual it is already. The fact that all abstraction, -including reading an old fashioned book- is virtual reality can be a very philosophical matter. The mere character appearing in screen pixels, is virtual appearance. The letter is not there: It appears to be there. But even when you have ink on paper, the sound represented is not there, it is in your head. So in the screen we got what they call:“Virtual ink” . Nevertheless the advent of more immersive technology lead us to the term “Virtual Reality” wich is the representation of an object in a way so exact, so vivid, that resembles reality to an extent that almost completely tricks the senses. In our busy lives, we do not often take the time to deeply think about implications and consequences of technology use. The fact that tech it is progressively easier and easier to use, seamless and accesible -as it should- put us as a global culture in front of ourselves. Our power of representation of abstraction has increased so our responsibility and maturity as a species will naturally develop beyond this kind of “cultural adolescence”.  But hey, since Guttemberg, is that so new? I personally see technology as liberating, fascinating and as a profound game changer. Instead of being fearful that big brother or a dreadful “all seeing eye” will ensalve humankind in dreamlike world, I prefer to envision a world were incredible power is given to us to free ourselves from meaningless efforts and
concetrate on what really matters. Things like beauty, sharing, living fully can be theresult of the good usage of technology. Making a better world -In the realm of architecture and design as in any other- starts with a plan, and what better than testing the result first in Virtual Reality to see if it works? What do YOU think?



  1. To your article, I think so, too. The reason why I backtracked to this article, with an intent to move up to your latest, is because I am just so mesmerized by VR from my recent exposure to it just this month at the MSF expose in NY. VR is one of the "next best thing" in technology, and that's in agreement to Mark Zuckerberg's vision for his FB here http://www.businessinsider.com/zuckerberg-video-crazy-virtual-reality-2016-10 Now let me move on.

  2. Thanks ladywarrior13 for your comment and the link. We watched the video of Mark live in action a few days ago. VR has enormous potential and there are a number of applications we can think of. Are you also involved in VR? Would love to hear about your projects or interest in VR.