May 9, 2016

Opportunities of VR

by Vito Ferrero Architect-Designer/
Envision yourself in your new office. It has a wonderful view over the financial district and you can see ships in the harbor, some helicopters passing by from time to time…  The traffic far down the 40th floor doesn't bother much. The telephone rings and your secretary reminds you about a meeting  in 15 minutes with the board of directors and some foreign advisors… 

Waiting for that moment you relax and gaze upon the façade of your company’s new building. The green facade and sun seeking solar panels remind you how your building is making you money while you sell energy to the grid. The nature of ambience sound reflects the silence provided by the noble materials that surround you. Yes, sounds great for a CEO but hey… The building is not built yet! You realize it is in plans over your architect’s desk. The site is on works and the previous old buildings are just being demolished. You have just realized you are wearing and Oculus Rift (or HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard), the VR device that lets you tap into these convincing sensations. 

But beyond what can be seen....
Does the building stand for the values of the company?
Does it really convey the image and meaning of the services you provide, in which you believe?
How do you feel sitting there, walking there? 

This is how Virtual Reality can help you stay connected with your future goals and dreams. So with VR the word Vision, is added a new dimension, and a new instrument. Those sensations and emotions you feel while immersed in the close future can be the fuel to keep you navigating on course. Virtual Reality can be an instrument not only to change the color of a wall, but to really feel what is like to live in a favorable future for a moment and send those beneficial signs to the universe. 

Signs of progress, growth and why not…  Pleasure and adventure…   


About We are a German-Spanish start-up, which develops virtual reality content and a proprietary platform, operating system and hardware agnostic, applicable in sectors such as real estate, tourism, yachts, design, edutainment, health, etc. This is how we do it - follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube oder Xing.

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