May 5, 2016

Consciousness Propelled by Virtual Reality

by Vito Ferrero Architect-Designer/

Life has its stages, as well as culture and civilization. To me, the advent of virtual reality (VR) technologies will propel the living and reliving of experience stages, from being fed up with superficiality, to gain dominion over certain internal forces such as emotions and overactive mind activity. VR can accelerate experience to such extent that humans can awake sooner to more deep and meaningful stages of experience in their reality. This -potentially- can bring much joy and freedom to people, much opportunity to share and communicate between themselves and to share ideas and experiences. The amount of information that can be received and-or given through VR experiences far exceeds the capabilities of mere language and abstraction. As our company is named after, it´s immersive.

The fact that often people are left speechless has to do with the fact that the experience of VR immersion is beyond words, beyond description. Thats the potential to engage into human emotions as well as sharing knowledge through a hopefully engaging, joyful, deep and well intended virtual experience. In fact it could be more real than you think. That is why I foresee that in the end, Virtual Reality as a resource, be it in the arts, in business, and in any other area of human life, will propel human consciousness as whole in the XXI Century.  

How do you feel about virtual reality? Where do you see its impact?

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