May 29, 2016

VR is Like Superheroes: “With great Power comes great Responsibility”

by Vito Ferrero, Architect-Designer/

For the ones that are superhero fans, virtual reality may be just another superpower. And it is indeed. The ability to immerse others in your self-created world and convince them that things are possible, imaginable and even tangible, has never been greater. VR technology is developing fast enough to make us feel the pressure of a new zeitgeist that apparently moves in two opposite directions. On the surface the need for illusions, to alleviate the pain of absurd life situations, frustrations, the crumbling and shifting sands of worn out social systems that lead us to evasion, drugs and all kinds of meaningless entertainment. But on the other hand, beneath the surface, I sense that a great amount of people is searching new life paths, more personal, more fulfilling and coherent with their abilities and passions. So, as with any other great power, when VR is put into our hands it comes with a tag that says “great responsibility”. It comes with the potential choice of being truly creative, truly innovative and constructive.  As Abraham Maslow would put it, it could be a tool for self-actualization. We often see crap movies with huge budgets making epic FX sequences that last almost all the two hours. But when the movie ends people could say: Did you understand what was going on?  In some cases, senseless characters, devoid of real interest, poor performances and lack of story sentence the movie to failure. So, for design it can be the same, if we do not keep up our conceptual level to the opportunities given. Sometimes we need to turn back to the basics of life, learn to read and write, then create a compelling story and then, only then it will deserve to have some epic sequences hopefully expressed with taste and a sense of balance.

VR can be abused, used for frivolous things, like simply boasting the possession and usage of technology  devoid of meaningful content. Also it can be used to enslave the mind, and to transmit negative content -but hey, sacred is free will, and we must respect it- . Nevertheless VR can also be used for learning, for development, for problem solving, for sharing, communicating, collaborating, and for the healthy enjoyment of life. So… what kind of Superhero would YOU choose to BE given THAT superpower? VF.

About We are a German-Spanish start-up, which develops virtual reality content and a proprietary platform, operating system and hardware agnostic, applicable in sectors such as real estate, tourism, yachts, design, edutainment, health, etc. This is how we do it - follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube oder Xing.

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  1. Superheros and virtual reality (VR) seem to fit together perfectly. Unlike traditional videogames, VR allows players to actually feel the experience of becoming a superhero opposed to simply watching as the action unfolds. Developers have already taken note of this, with a huge selection of superhero action videogames already available in VR.

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